Working With A Lawyer to Improve Your CaseWorking With A Lawyer to Improve Your Case

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Working With A Lawyer to Improve Your Case

There are a lot of different ways that lawyers can help after a car accident, but one of the most important ways they can help is by offering you peace of mind. Lawyers can help to walk you through different scenarios in court, and can also explain how everything will work regarding how paperwork is filed and what the process is like. Although it can be scary to deal with a serious accident, working with the right attorney takes the stress out of the equation. Check out this blog to find out more about accidents, personal injury, and how to make things better.

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The Cargo Loader May Be Responsible For Your Accident

Commercial trucks will often transport very heavy cargo that needs to be secured properly. If the cargo is not properly secured and this leads to a horrific accident with a commercial truck, the truck driver might not actually be at fault. The loader is responsible for inspecting the cargo to make sure that it is properly secured. The manufacturer might also be responsible. Fortunately, a commercial trucking accident attorney will help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Types of Trucks That are Loaded Improperly

A tractor-trailer is the most common type of commercial truck. They can haul all sorts of cargo, as long as the cargo fits. Flatbeds are used to transport irregular loads and must be secured properly to be safe. Tanker trucks carry gases and liquids. A commercial truck accident attorney will take the type of truck into consideration when handling your case. 

For example, different liquids have different standards for how they should be loaded. If the tank is not filled up properly, how the liquid flows in the tank can throw the vehicle off and lead to the truck driver losing control. Also, if the tank is not sealed properly, the liquid might leak out.


Some trucks are overloaded in an attempt to save money rather than splitting the cargo among more than one truck. When a vehicle is overloaded, the truck driver might struggle to stop the vehicle in time and may also struggle to steer. Also, an overloaded truck will cause more damage when involved in an accident.

A commercial truck attorney will investigate how heavy the cargo was at the time of the crash and will determine if this was a contributing factor in the severity of the crash. The lawyer will then use this as evidence that the party responsible for loading the vehicle was liable for the crash.

Improperly Secured Loads

The biggest concern with an improperly-secured load is that the load will fall and hit a vehicle. This can lead to a catastrophic accident since some cargo is very large and heavy. Even if the cargo doesn't fall out, it may cause the truck to become unbalanced and the driver may lose control.

Determining liability is important because you will only be able to receive compensation from the liable party. However, with an experienced attorney, you'll be able to locate the proper party and build a solid case for why you deserve compensation.